Welcome to Henry’s Diner


Henry Malcom - Money Saving ExpertWelcome to the all new Henry’s Diner website!

My name is of course Henry, and just like your neighborhood friendly diner, I plan to bring you a little bit of everything as it relates to saving money!

On my all new site you can expect to find:

  • Money Saving Tips
  • How to save money on dining out and delivery.
  • The proper way to use printable Restaurant coupons.
  • Saving money when shopping online.
  • How to detect a real discount offer from a fake one.
  • …and much more!

I have been helping people save money and educating them on the best and proper way to do so for over 10 years. I wouldn’t say I was an extreme couponer, at least not in the sense that the popular TLC show Extreme Couponing portrayed. I follow ethical, reasonable couponing practices that everyone can use. I mean who needs 800 free toothbrushes anyway?

Here is a quick video in the meantime with some very basic and beginning tips to couponing. Enjoy!